Los Lobos, Live at the Conga Room, 27 March 2009

Cesar Rosas

Cesar, David, Louie, Conrad and Steve were in top form last weekend at the Conga Room, entertaining a perfect slice of Los Angeles fans with two sets; one acoustic, one full-on electric. The cholo with neck-and-face tattoos blazing sang, danced and drank alongside the suit-clad businessman. The blues fan howled and hi-fived the jam band aficionado. The dancers went crazy with traditional numbers. And by the end of the night, I’d argue no fan left the establishment unhappy with the setlist.

Seeing Cesar take the stage in those iconic shades of his yet again, watching David lay the crowd to waste with his Panther accordion, catching a grin from Conrad as he plucked his guitarron with vigor and, most importantly, hearing Louie Perez sing “Saint Behind The Glass” all reminded me why I fell in love with this band so long ago. (N/B: Aforementioned song may have been the one thing that brought me back to life following a ridiculously lengthy stint of eating, drinking and walking in Mexico City and Austin, immediately prior to this gig.) After the jump, Louie takes to the drums and an official, albeit woefully incomplete, setlist.

Not listed: One Way Out (Allman cover), Oye Como Va (Santana), “Papa was a Rolling Stone” intro -> “I Can’t Understand” , “The Neighborhood”, “La Bamba” (yes they played it), much more. If you’ve never seen this band, I feel sorry for you.