$2.99 (!!!) Fried Chicken @ Song Huong, Garden Grove

$2.99 (!!!) Fried Chicken @ Song Huong, Garden Grove

Song Huong

This joint, as all joints that you don’t know, is really hard to find first time out. It’s just a across the lot from the Anh Hong, the 7 course beef joint, and it’s also across the drive way from Di Vang 3. On the north side of Westminter Ave, right before Brookhurst.

I haven’t set foot inside this plaza in at least 5 yrs, the last time we were here for 7 course beef @ Anh Hong. Things are… well.. different. But not exactly that different. Di Vang is up to #3 now, and the $1.99 restaurants are now $2.99…

Song Huong

The $2.99 menu, courtesy of K.D. from Yelp

-Bun Bo Hue (spicy central beef noodles)
-Bun Rieu (tomato, crab meat vermicelli)
-Canh Bun (similar to bun rieu, with d’frent “stuff’ inside?)
-Com Ga Chien Don (crispy fried leg quarter with rice)
-Com Ca Chien Don (crispy fried fish filet with rice)
-Com Suon (pork chop price)
-Pho Ga

additional items are
Bánh Canh – udon-esque? rice noodle soup with.. “stuff in it”
Banh Khot – small coconut folded flapjacks
Com Lap Xuong – rice and Chinese style sausages.
and a coupla d’frent types of soup noodles.

If coming by one self, the 4 com (rice) dishes are the safest in terms of being full and not scared away by unknown stuff. It’s just 1 piece of fried protein, 1 cup of rice, and some greens. I’d ask for nuoc mam which comes with the other banh dishes, but oddly not with my fried chicken. The chicken which arrived was beyond deep fried (to ward off botulism? not sure?) and just not that great, but the neighbor’s com suon look significantly better. banh khot was clearly a money-maker for this joint as the plate had 8 tiny puffs of coconutty folded crepe things.

fried chicken with red rice

According to the gastronomer, Song Huong is named after “Perfume River” in Hue city. Not sure how reflective the menu is of Hue food but.. hey, it’s $2.99. Just don’t get the water, it’s not free. If you get a drink, get something that sounds expensive. NOT that I know how to read Vietnamese, but when in doubt, che ba mau always seem the most labor intensive and most fun (which..I don’t think they have but.. whatever). For another $1, you can get trung op la, a fried egg, which is presumed to be eaten over the price dishes.

coconut bread cups

Song Huong
10141 Westminster Ave #N
Garden Grove, CA 92843
(714) 537-9304

– via SinoSoul