This Saturday: KXLU FUNDRAZOR @ Regent Theatre Downtown

This Saturday: KXLU FUNDRAZOR @ Regent Theatre Downtown

KXLU Fundrazor @ Regent Theatre Sat Apr 11

KXLU, our very own Loyola-Marymount-based bastion of independent radio, needs your help now more than ever. Times are tough, sure, but your donation means more than you realize. This Saturday you’ll get the chance to have an absolute blast downtown, all while donating $10 to the station.

We also have a free ticket to give out. Yes, just one ticket, since this is a FUNDRAZOR. Fourth person to email me right here wins this ticket, a $10 value which should make you feel only slightly guilty for waltzing into a fundraising event absolutely free of charge. At the very least, go find Matt Strasser, KXLU’s Music Director, and put a quarter in his pocket you lousy cheapskate. (Just kidding about the lousy part.) Event details follow.


Saturday, April 11th, from 5:00 pm until 2:00 am
The Regent Theatre
448 S. Main St. downtown

What to expect:

  • Live sets by Rainbow Arabia, Foot Village, vOICESvOICES, The Happy Hollows, Kill Kill Kill, Devon Williams, Meho Plaza, Blank Blue and Combat!
  • DJ sets by Jimmy Tamborello of Dntel, Professor Cantoloupe, Fred of Demolisten and Michael Stock of Part time Punks
  • Artwork
  • Raffles
  • Food and merchandise sold by independent vendors
  • Record swap and sale. Bring 5-10 records to swap (for your own benefit) and get 5 free raffle tickets!

All that and much more. Keep eyes tuned to for updates, and we’ll see you there.