Visual Twitter Buzztracker for Coachella Bands

buzztrackNot sure who to check out this weekend? Turn to Twitter. Joe has merged the Twitter search API and Google Visualization API into a neat li’l program which more or less shows you who’s being talked about the most out there: Have a look. (I just offered him $25 to bump up Murder City Devils.)

Graphs show number of tweets per day, for the past 30 days (up to and including 4/15/2009, updated daily).

It’s cool, but the analyst in me wants more info on how this data is being parsed, and what exactly those metrics are that we are looking at (per 100? 1000? 10k?). A few bands (including Fucked Up) have been excluded, since their names are common words or phrases. Yo, Joe: are we sure about those Cure numbers pictured up there? The Cure being sort of a non-band phrase and all. Same goes for The Killers, could be argued. Also wish to discuss White Lies, Beirut and, obviously, Plump DJs.

(UPDATE: Regarding that data, a bit more info has been added to the page following the above post. Sample size is restricted to 1500 for any given search.)

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