Under $10: Gaja Moc

Under $10: Gaja Moc

Gaja Moc is THE place for grill-at-your-own-table Okonomiyakis (ok, it’s the only place I know of).  Okonomiyakis are savory Japanese pancakes and, at Gaja, you can pick your own fillings, ranging from the predictable (pork, sausage, kimchee, teriyaki chicken, shrimp) to the few surprise guests (mochi, cod roe, plum, squid leg).   Think Korean BBQ, but less BBQ and more breakfast griddle.  You get a bowl of batter, your selected fillings, a minature spatula, and just go with it. 4 -5 min per side.  Especially recommended for those who enjoy the sight of mochi, cheese and spicy cod roe together atop a gooey pancake batter.


But:  For the under $10 part.  Gaja Moc just started opening for lunch (first date of service was 3/17).  They have insane (read: huge) lunch set menus, which are all plays on the noodle soup + salad + side rice bowl combo.  The udon soups come in a f*ing casserole dish, for god sake.  It’s pretty mad / rad:


A nice, big treat for $7.95.  The seafood udon with the spicy broth is a stand-out.  Even their website can’t believe this deal, apparently, since they publish higher prices (and smaller bowls) online than in their physical menus.  You can also try their lunchtime Okonomiyakis (which the kitchen does for you – tabletop grills reserved for dinner only) as a set menu choice.  They cook ’em up hefty:


Go during dinner time for the experience, but give lunch a try – seriously the best deal in town.

Gaja Moc
2383 Lomita Blvd
Ste 102
Lomita, CA 90717

(310) 534-0153