NBC: Los Angeles' Best Venue: Spaceland? Or Troubadour?

NBC: Los Angeles’ Best Venue: Spaceland? Or Troubadour?

nbc_best_venueAnybody who reads this site with any sort of regularity no doubt knows my passion for pointless surveys and user-generated polls (more examples here, if you must). As such, it thrills me to no end to now direct you to our colleagues over at NBC Los Angeles who, in a new (presumably and hopefully recurring) feature titled “The Golden Local”, ask their readers which of the following rock venues deserves the title Best Local Venue: Spaceland? Or Doug Weston’s Troubadour? You have but 14 hours left to cast your vote at press time; get over there and be heard right now, and don’t forget to list the reason why you’re voting for who you’re voting for. One of our recent favorites:

The Troub will sell me smokes, but Spaceland will let me Smoke my Smokes inside; as a Smoker, I appreciate being surrounded by Smoke and increasing to the overall Smokiness of the Smoked Air.

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