Kanye West "Fame Kills" Tour Killed (By Fame)

Kanye West “Fame Kills” Tour Killed (By Fame)


Kanye West & Lady Gaga, @ Staples Center Mon Nov 16 (Cancelabra)

Those of you who were hoping to hit next month’s Staples show in order to have Kanye enlighten you on various things best-of-all-time will have to wait, apparently, as CNN’s reporting Live Nation just announced the tour has already been canceled (we’re told nobody interrupted the announcement):

Concert promoter Live Nation said Thursday that West’s concert tour with Lady Gaga — titled “Fame Kills” — has been canceled just two weeks after it was announced.

The reason for the cancellation was not revealed, but West told NBC’s Jay Leno last month — before the tour was officially announced — that he planned “to take some time off” in the aftermath of his MTV awards show embarrassment.

Take heart, Kanyephile, and enjoy a pre-awards-snafu’d Kanye back in Austin, SXSW ’09 as captured at the Fader Fort by the ever-reliable Sung.

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