Beacon: The Culver City Father’s Office Solution


Dear Father’s Officers,

There is only one thing worse than spotting your parents downing a pint in your favorite burger and beer joint: finding your aunt and uncle instead.

And, I’m reluctant to report, this recently occurred at Father’s Office in Culver City. At first I thought I was seeing shit. But, nope, they were there. Eating and drinking and being merry. And when I approached I quickly found out this was not their first visit. In fact, they consider themselves “semi-regulars.”

It is with this pronouncement I make another: Father’s Office has officially jumped the culinary shark.

Look, I love my aunt and uncle. I even crashed at their house for two summers back in college. And I know my freaking mom is going to email them a link to this post so I’m going to be in trouble. But, let’s be honest, no one wants to see their middle-aged aunt and uncle at the bar you frequent. It simply makes the place so un-cool I can no longer go there.

It’s not like this was the first warning sign. Father’s Office has been slowly becoming less and less cool as the days go by. I started to raise a white flag a while back when a co-worker – with a deathly dairy food allergy have you – was told she simply could not get a burger sans cheese. My concern grew even greater when F.O. started to sell skateboards for no particular reason. Not to mention the horrific seating arrangement that has plagued the gastropub from the very beginning.

beacon2I am in luck, however. There happens to be a better burger exactly 100 steps away from F.O. in Culver City at the oft-overlooked Beacon. I know it’s a hundred steps because I counted them. And they were certainly worth it. Also in the former Helms Bakery building, Beacon is one of LA’s finest Asian-fusion restaurants. A prime example is the burger, which kicks ass. A grilled half-pounder with crispy Nueske bacon, oozing gruyere and a sweet soy glaze. All this in between a perfectly toasted Ciabatta bun. We’re talking about real ciabatta by the way. No stupid Jack ‘n the Box shit here.

The fries are perfect as well. Somewhere between thin and steak cut size, they are well seasoned with a little salt and finely chopped parsley. Probably the best fries in town behind Manhattan Beach’s North End Caffe.

Thankfully, no Burgerazzi here, either. Actually, get this, the service staff is … friendly! Yeah, like, cordial and shit. After clearing our plates recently a server said to my buddy and I: “You guys both ate the whole thing? Wow. Good for you.”

Yes, good for us. And for you, too. Next time you pop your head into F.O. and spot your older kin. Make an about face. Walk one hundred steps into Beacon. You can thank me later.


3280 Helms Avenue
LA, CA 90034

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