Last Minute Ticket Giveaway: The Golem @ REDCAT w/Live Costumed Score, Halloween Night

The Golem w/Live Score @ REDCAT Fri Oct 30
The Golem w/Live Score @ REDCAT Sat Oct 31 (ALL HALLOWS’ EVE)

Creepy German Expressionism at its finest: The Golem: How He Came Into the World gets the musical treatment it deserves this evening and tomorrow, downtown ’neath the Disney Hall. These two screenings will feature a live score by Brian LeBarton (Beck’s music director and keyboardist) with special guest Carla Azar (Autolux) and more. Personally I’m stoked; these shows have been on the calendar ever since Brian told us about them! If you have no plans for Halloween, or your plans run on the late side Saturday, why not enter to win a pair of tickets to the Saturday screening by sending me your first and last name right here. Winner will be notified EOD; the film starts promptly at 830pm both nights. I’ll be there as well, so come say hello and if you’re in costume, go ahead, see if you can earn one of five existing pieces of our beyond-limited-edition-at-this-point Losanjealous 2009 OkiTaffy. Huzzah!