Mixed Morrissey Gibson Show Reviews Trickling in From the Faithful

Over at Morrissey-solo.com, reviews from last night’s Morrissey show at the Gibson Amphitheater are starting to come in from the devoted. As is usually the case these days, they are split evenly between the defenders and detractors. However, the negative takes stand out this time as they aren’t so much critiquing the show as expressing real concern. Here’s a sampling from the message board.

…I am afraid this could be the last show.

His singing was off, there was lots of slurring, or skipping lyrics altogether, and he seemed out of focus and – to be honest – going through the motions. I am sure other in the audience who’ve seen him felt like me, uncomfortable and concerned, when he did these things. [link]


Morrissey habitually hates the mix on stage; when he can’t hear properly he can’t locate his center of pitch. Many boots capture him painfully out of tune for whole verses. He’s not losing his voice, he’s just losing the key. For all his talents, it’s a weakness of his; always has been.

Anyway, in his diva way, rather than step to the side of the stage and have a word with the sound peeps, during moments of “acoustic duress” Moz will grimace and groan and, wait for it, stop singing a lyric or two.

So that’s what happened last night. I was down front and I couldn’t be more sure of it. [link]


Real quick run down. Moz having vocal problems all night, as mentioned by previous posters, skipping many lyrics, voice cracking, and drinking copiously between songs from the metallic green container. There was also a red metallic container onstage. One person who got the mic (April?) asked Morrissey to please use to cough drops she gave him.

From the third song onwards, I thought Morrissey might leave the stage at any time. He looked extremely ticked off with the problems of his throat. It was a tense evening and the worst live gig I’ve seen him do (of the ones he actually completed) all year.

I predict a 90% chance of cancellation for Ventura. [link]


I’ve seen Moz not as often as some on this board, but enough to appreciate a good show when I’m at it. Considering that Cemetary Gates was released when I was getting my driver’s license, and I’m now 39 years old, I thought the man looked and sounded great. His mood is often the best indicator, and he seemed in good spirits. He never likes the sound mix on stage, and frequently skips lyrics. Especially high notes, but it’s our job to fill those in, as we don’t have to do it every night. Just my opinion — a pretty good show, T. Lennon [link]

Were you there? What did you think?