J-Logic Is No Fan of El Cid’s Management: Soundlessons Venue Change

I don’t know if any of you are on the Soundlessons distro list but if you are, you received the following hilarious, incredibly lengthy, accusatory rant in your inbox this eve courtesy Soundlessons promoter/organizer/DJ extraordinaire J-Logic:


*2 quick notes as we enter 2010 please take time out to read it*
1st a warning to all promoters/djs/event coordinators avoid el cid at all costs!

if you don’t know yet we MOVED from El CId, and the thing that comes to mind is that you can never go back again which we learned the hard way! the scene, vibe and staff back in 2003 is a polar opposite then what it is today. a fair warning to other djs/promoters/event coordinators AVOID EL CID @ ALL COSTS!!! we were thinking on moving and finally did so after receiving an anonymous email from a former employee of el cid saying that “you might want to move elsewhere because they’re cooking the books and skimming off of your bar numbers and not giving truthful totals to anyone who has an event there PLUS the entire management at el cid is on serious drugs and couldn’t keep track of what dates they had at the club + other shady stuff, they don’t have ANY permits to do any events at all except dinner shows b4 10pm PLUS they don’t have any insurance to do events there so if someone at your party got hurt, od’d or drove home drunk & crashed YOU’RE Liable they’re gonna sue the promoters and dj’s and everyone else involved for everything you have” we were in awe and we replied to the email address but never received a response! if you’ve been to el cid you know that they’re REALLY UNORGANIZED & these nitwits would double & triple & sometimes quadruple book their venue making us and other promoters/djs wait until almost 11:30 pm at times to get our events started then if you have a bar guarantee set up that makes you have to pay out for sound & security if you don’t hit your marks (basically you had from 11:30-1:30 to meet their bar minimums) + they’ll do their best to fix the numbers so that you’ll have to cover their expenses. many of you attended our 1st Soundlessons of the year with dj Numark of J5 and it was a smash success!!! So after reading this email we confronted the el cid staff with this and we asked to see our bar numbers all of a sudden the computers weren’t working and we had to wait hours then it turned into come back tomorrow, we went back the next day and they were closed early (weird on a sat. night) stopped by and called on sunday, nothing, called everyday and never heard back then finally stopped by the following friday we were in luck and the general manager AND the manager were both there (both looked terrible and the general manager Richie was walking around grinding his teeth like he was higher then a georgia pine!) we pulled him aside and asked him why he hadn’t returned our calls and where are our bar numbers & he stuttered and stammered and couldn’t really put a sentence together and spewed out something about us not doing a date at el cid in early dec. and we were like huh??? are you high bro because we did dec. 26th with j-rocc and it was BONKERS in here! + it’s January 2010 not dec. 2009 please get it through your head that were in a new decade. he then pretended like he got a phone call and that he’d talk to us in 10 minutes (we think he was checking to see what time his security staff was getting there to try and have us removed without paying us AGAIN!!! the whole time he’s pacing around grinding his teeth while we sit there patiently waiting for him to tell us what happened to our money and why hasn’t he returned our call. he then says he has to leave but has the assistant manager tell us this that he’ll be back in an hour to settle with us. so we take off and call back and no answer, then we stop by they’re both gone! no one can find them. we call them again and NOTHING! now we just wanted to see our bar numbers to see if we got paid out and be even steven nothing more nothing less and these idiots got shady over a few hundred dollars which goes to show how petty they are. now we’ve been promoting our event on the 22nd at their venue so we’ve been trying raise both managers to see a. where are the bar numbers & b. what time an if we’re even doing the 22nd at el cid and NOTHING!! we’ve been bringing promoters/dj’s and events to this establishment since 2003 and it’s never been the best of venues but you work with what you got in 2009/10. the morons in charge over there are NOT to be trusted and avoid El Cid at all costs they’re liars and cheats + have NO CLUE what’ they’re doing over and they don’t have ANY permits to do nothing more then have dinner there so if the fire marshall stops in you’re ALL getting a ticket & going to court. they’ll lie to you every which way just to get you in there and then as leo gets said in lethal weapon 2 “they’ll f**k you in the drive thru”
and this is only over a few hundred dollars just think if you actually had some REAL money going through that place with that management staff you’d REALLY be s**t outta luck!

in short you can’t go back again and if you want honesty and respect and have your event start on time then AVOID EL CID!!! and if you have an event there now, get out while you can because trust us they’re cooking the books like enron in that place!!!

Logic goes on to say that his January 22 event (that’s tomorrow) featuring Vikter Duplaix, Jeremy Sole & Kutmah among others will now be held at the (presumably GM-teeth-grinding-free) establishment known as J Lounge:

SOUNDLESSONS w/ Vikter Duplaix, Jeremy Sole & Kutmah @ J Lounge
$5 b4 11pm & $10 after
J Restaurant & Lounge
1119 S. Olive St.
Los Angeles, CA 90017
food available until 11pm
valet parking + street parking

Act accordingly and note that I have no idea the validity of any of the charges above; they may hold water, they may be baseless. Pure hearsay. Anybody with any similar or differing experiences, feel free to chime in. (Is the Fold still booking @ El Cid? Or has all of that been transferred to Bootleg…Spoon just played El Cid Monday, right? …)