New Vinyl Giveaway: Lobisomem, Brightest Solids EP

Brand new EP from Lobisomem, aka noisemaker Brad Loving, on vinyl from Tall Corn to share with you today. Think in the vein of Dntel, Daedelus, possibly even late 70s bedridden ambient Eno now and again. I’ll take my first two emails for a copy of the vinyl; I will need your name and preferred shipping address.

Word on the street has it Brad’s also got the lion’s share of a new full-length, recorded at Chicago’s formidable Soma Studios by John McEntire, already in the can. No idea the street date on that material, or if it will ever surface, or what. For now, let us enjoy the EP. Stream “Chicago Metronomo” below, while enjoying the accompanying visual of its tightly-mastered sound wave:

Chicago Metronomo by Lobisomem

» Lobis-omem (purchase the EP from a dozen different outlets at this one URL)
» Bird and Whale (enjoy a vast array of stunning mp3 mix tapes by a wide array of folks, and some photos of Mali, over at Brad’s site)