Today in American Apparel: AA Visits Sweatshop-Free Television Studio in Fairfax District

As gleaned from its blog just this week, American Apparel (DTLA’s fashion juggernaut and worldwide purveyor of provocative photos) firmly grasped the opportunity to have its wares appear, on camera with fully-clothed models, inside the sweatshop-free confines of Studio 33, CBS, also known as the home of The Price Is Right for the last 38 years. Fun game: See if you can determine just how many, if any, of the homemade puff-paint-and-glitter-pen “Sweet Christ Almighty, Pick Me Drew!” t-shirts in the audience were manufactured in downtown Los Angeles in a sweatshop-free facility, in the following clip:

Congrats to American Apparel for proudly joining the ranks of the makers of canoe-shaped bookcases, four-burner gas grills, bulky hot tubs, fine colognes and his-and-her jet skis on television’s longest-running game show. Shares of American Apparel Inc were off a fraction of a percent at press time.

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