Favorite Songs 2010: The First Half

It’s summer! Just as last year I’ve put together a list of my favorite tunes from the first half of 2010. Perhaps a few of these songs will get some song of the summer considerations. In alphabetical order by artist:

Avi Buffalo – Truth Sets In
One of the band’s earlier compositions, it features vocals in equal parts from Avi and keyboardist Rebecca Coleman. The Long Beach group have a busy summer schedule opening first for Modest Mouse and later for My Morning Jacket.

Beach House – Zebra
If you never got into Beach House because their songs weren’t uptempo and/or upbeat enough, than their new album could be more to your liking.

Best Coast – When I’m with You

Produced by Foreign Born guitarist Lewis Pesacov this single actually came out last winter. All the beach scenes in the recent video, however, help reinforce the summer vibe of the song. Seeing a Ronald McDonald look-alike eating In-N-Out might screw with one’s head.

CocoRosie – Here I Come
It’s hard for me to single out just one song from this album. Equally enjoyable are Grey Oceans, R.I.P. Burn Face, The Moon Asked the Crow, Lemonade, and Fairy Paradise – i.e. the entire album.

Cults – Go Outside
What can a be more appropriate title for the Summer.

Foals – Spanish Sahara
I was shocked at first by the vocals, parts of which sound almost like Nina Simone. Less shocking was HBO using the song in their promo for season 7 of Entourage.

Happy Birthday – Subliminal Message

Subliminal messages work best during summer.

Los Campesinos! – There Are Listed Buildings
Possibly the most prolific Welsh based, but non-Welsh, band to be named after a profession that none of the members share exclamation point.

Marina & The Diamonds – I Am Not a Robot
With guilty pleasure lyrics and even guiltier dance moves this quirky song will have you singing in the shower. Not that I have. Ever.

MGMT – Brian Eno
If you’re the writer of Time to Pretend, I guess there’s no requirement to top it. I guess it also give you the right to sing about make believe conversations with a legendary songwriter/producer.

The Morning Benders – Excuses

It’s the opening track on the new album but the band has used it to good effect as a close to their sets. I would really like NEED to hear this performed with a full string section someday.


Robyn (feat. Röyksopp) – None of Dem
Finally, we get some new songs by genre-crashing songstress Robyn with more, Part 2, on the way later this year.

Sleigh Bells – Ring Ring
The album version is titled Rill Rill, while the demo version is referred to as Ring Ring (with a simpler mix that I prefer). The looped guitar sample is from Funkadelic’s “Can You Get to That”.