Heads Up: KCRW Masquerade 2010

Heads Up: KCRW Masquerade 2010

KCRW Masquerade 2010 w/ Cut Chemist, Duke Spirit, Gram Rabbit, Lucent Dossier, KCRW DJs and more @ The Park Plaza Hotel
A Costumed Affair
30 October 2010
Saturday Night

(The) Park Plaza was built in 1925 by the Elks to be used as lodge number 99. The building, done in the Neo-Gothic style, was created by renowned art deco architect Claud Beelman… Eventually, the Elks sold the building, and the building ended up being transformed into a luxury hotel, set perfectly then on the shores of what was a very glamorous MacArthur Park. (source)

KCRW will again take over the Park Plaza hotel this Halloween season, as they did last year. On tap at the hotel, evening of October 30: Cut Chemist, The Duke Spirit, Gram Rabbit, the Lucent Dossier crew and a host of KCRW DJs. Tickets are on sale now. Should you make it out, look for the guy dressed as a blogger and come say hello.

Full DJ lineup after the jump.

Your KCRW Selectors For Masquerade 2010:

Jason Nosferatu Bentley
Henry Hellfire Rollins
Raul The Ghoul Campos
Anne Diva of Death Litt
Chris Who’s Your Mummy Douridas
Liza Mad Doll Richardson
Jeremy Dr. Funkenstein Sole
Tom Cryptkeeper Schnabel
Mathieu Le Petit Vampire Schreyer
Eric J. Werewolf Lawrence
Dan Blood Sucker Wilcox
Mario The Maniac Cotto
Valida The Vicious Vixen
Anthony Voodoo Valadez

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