Holiday Gift Ideas From The Losanjealous Inbox

Holiday Gift Ideas From The Losanjealous Inbox

It’s that time of the year! The following Holiday Gift Ideas have all been painstakingly submitted to the Losanjealous inbox by one group or another within the past 24 hours, and, naturally, as a result of being the benevolent sort we’re more than happy to pass them all along to you, at this time. May you find what you’re looking for, and may peace be upon you, either as a result of having found what you are looking for, or as a result of something entirely unrelated, either or, and may that peace then fill your inner being with a fine, lukewarm glow, or at the very least a dim, shaky flicker for the duration of the 2010 holiday season. On with the gift ideas. Let’s stuff those stockings!

1. Text Messages to and from Santa Claus.

Mailing letters to Santa at the North Pole? Hand-writing thank you notes for Christmas sweaters? Ancient history. Of the 840 13-17-year-olds polled, 72% say they’d rather text a wish list to Santa than mail him a letter (and they can do so, thanks to textPlus:

2. Matisyahu:
Live at Stubb’s Vol. II

CD/DVD Set For Release on February 1, 2011

With three critically acclaimed studio albums to his name, Matisyahu decided to return to where it all began. These songs are infused with a vibrancy that can only be created during a Matisyahu performance, beautifully displaying the one-of-a -kind voice and distinctive sound that has brought him to the forefront of today’s music landscape.

3. The Sunset Strip.

Restaurants, nightclubs and shops along The Strip are united in making the 2010 holidays an affordable, fun and hassle-free experience this season. Establishments are offering special holiday menu items and events for those looking to get into the holiday spirit with the user-friendly atmosphere of The Strip.

Venues like The Cat Club, On The Rox, RH bar and The London Bar are offering drink specials and live music, while restaurants including Talesai’s Night Market, RH at Andaz and renowned chef Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant at The London West Hollywood are hosting an array of events and specials.

4. Someone’s Opinion.

Working alongside a wide variety of producers and top sound engineers, Scott Kieklak of SAE would be a great source to discuss the evolution of the Eminem brand and more specifically, how the changes in sound and tone have played a key role in his successful return to the music scene with Recovery.

Scott is also available to discuss the success of success or fall of other Grammy nominees this year.