SXSW ’11: Recap On Tap

Above: People really, really wanted to see Death From Above 1979 at South by Southwest 2011, March 19, Beauty Bar patio, 1am Saturday night / Sunday morning. Who could blame them?

Hey gang. Just a quick note to let you know we’re still alive, parsing photos, missing the Texas weather as compared to California’s typhoon, and will be uploading SXSW content this week per tradition. The final three gigs I caught, personally, were (A) Odd Future storming off the Billboard Buffalo Billiards stage quite early at their “official” SXSW showcase gig, (B) Yoko Ono doing Ono things at Elysium, and (C) Death From Above 1979 working the crowd into a fence-tearing-down frenzy, Beauty Bar patio (pictured, above). So, stick around or something. More soon. Ryan