The Glitch Mob @ Club Nokia, August 19, 2011

Let’s gets it poppin’ like it’s New Year’s Eve.

Or so goes the sample from “The Game Is Not Over” by EdIT–one of Glitch Mob’s three scientists-of-sound.

Glitch Mob got it poppin’ at Club Nokia on Friday, August 19, with a loud, late-night, thumping Los Angeles homecoming show, drawing their national tour to a close. DJ sets from Photek and RJD2 opened the night.

The Glitch Mob’s sound is surging, dramatic, hip-hop flavored electronica. Usually it can be a bit tedious to watch guys fiddle around on their laptops on stage, but Glitch Mob has a stage show that is alive with lights and energy.

Glitch Mob

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A wall of screens flashing behind, each of the Glitch crew stands at a station with drums and all kinds digital equipment, and thunderbolts of light tubing running up either side. Their touch-screen controllers are tipped downward so the crowd can see. It looks almost like an electrified Tron forest, with the trio (EdIT, Boreta, and Ooah) manning the controls in black button-up shirts and white skinny ties.

The trio has gotten so tight and flawless with their production and signature surging Glitch sound that it has almost gotten too perfect. I was missing the raw energy of when this group was more underground, playing at Lightning in a Bottle a few years ago with a stage full of writhing, dirty, feathered and fringed festival-goers. The dirt in their dirty beats is in danger of getting a bit too scrubbed. Reflecting their new polish and popularity, the audience at this show looked more like the laptop set than the Burning Man crowd.

It’s all part of the evolution though. The Glitch Mob upgrades their equipment and production level, puts on their shirts and ties, and still gets it poppin’ like it’s New Year’s Eve.

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