SXSW Music 2012: A Few Final Thoughts

  • It is fun to tell people “!!! will rock the Doritos Machine at midnight.”
  • Jesus and Mary Chain were great; no chance for photos. It was so crowded I focused on drinking vodka.
  • A great moment was running into Jim DeRogatis in the elevator and chatting about my home state and his Lips book.
  • I would like back a portion of the hour of life that I spent in the Jack White line.
  • Lionel Richie trotted out Kenny Rogers to sing “Lady” and the crowd went nuts. Afterward, Lionel then had to tell the crowd to stop screaming for Kenny because they’d come for Commodores songs.
  • Sleigh Bells played the same hall as Lionel – but filled it. Where is the justice.
  • Nothing says SXSW Thursday like a Fader Fort VIP BBQ, the Wunderbar lunch, SESAC brunch, British Embassy, Oklahoma Party and more filling your gut within a half-hour timeframe as you run from venue to venue between 12 and 12:30pm
  • My favorite bites came from the Squarespace truck, Taste of Hamburg shack, and the backyard food truck at CTC Garden on Thursday, March 15.
  • I may have in fact retired my SXSW career at 1AM, Sunday morning 18 March 2012. (I say this every year.)