Photos & Notes: Gaslamp Killer and Friends @ Mayan Theatre, September 18, 2012

Gaslight Killer

It’s fitting that the Gaslamp Killer and Friends event at the Mayan on Tuesday, September 18, was presented by Red Bull Music Academy. Because Gaslamp Killer has the energy of 20 cases of Red Bull. The experimental, psychedelic DJ and producer joined a fat lineup of surprise guests. He jumped on stage with them throughout the night, mimed guitar riffs, danced like a madman, and helicoptered a towel around overhead. It was a solid, high energy night in celebration of Gaslamp Killer’s debut album release Breakthrough, on Brainfeeder Records.

DJ Nobody, Computer Jay, and J-Rocc started off the night. Then Adrian Younge with Venice Dawn performed some meandering jams that seemed to fill the stage with more and more musicians and vocalists every time I looked up my from my phone. Following Adrian Younge’s rock and R&B vibes, it was back to bleep, bloops, and bass with EPROM and the night really began picking up speed.

EPROM had the crowd going nuts dancing and shouting to his sinister sci-fi beats and loops. Gaslamp Killer hopped up next to him and they both rocked out with their arms up in unison.

Gaslamp Killer announced the next surprise guest:

Words continue & a nice photo gallery below.

“Flying FUCKING Lotus!!” The two cheersed their cocktails and Flying Lotus started doing his thang. GLK got out a hand fan and was fanning himself from the heat of Flying Lotus’s sounds.

Gaslamp Killer started off his own set off with the Jimi Hendrix version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and then showcased his new material mixed in with an eclectic range of hip-hop, drops, and even some Star Wars theme music.

The final guest of the night was Daedelus, a producer who GLK says is not only his friend but his mentor. He closed the night out strong and looked sharp doing it in his proper vest, shirt and tie.

Congratulations to Gaslamp Killer on his Breakthrough. And be sure to check out his weekly party Low End Theory on Wednesdays at Airliner.