Pics & Notes: The Darkness @ Club Nokia

Pics & Notes: The Darkness @ Club Nokia

The Darkness

Watching The Darkness perform their super-charged crotch rock set on Wednesday, October 24, at Club Nokia made me want to quit my day job, buy a Les Paul and a jumpsuit, and runaway from home to go on tour. I think that’s their magic.

The Darkness’ shredding guitar riffs, screaming falsetto rock vocals, and tongue-in-cheek Spinal Tap vibe turn the whole stage show into the perfect rock ‘n’ roll fantasy.

They started the night with “Every Inch of You,” off their new album Hot Cakes — which I’m guessing they’d hope would sell like hot cakes if they named it accordingly.

Wearing no less than 3 jumpsuits throughout the night, super skinny singer Justin Hawkins was the classic rocker frontman. Jump-straddling off the drum set. Engaging the audience in his charming English accented banter. Showing off his abs, down to the tattoo of flames rising from his crotch. Yeah, these guys aren’t subtle.

During “Get Your Hands Off My Woman,” Justin led the crowd clapping in unison and jumped onto the drum riser doing a headstand. Then he clapped his outstretched legs together along with the crowd. No one didn’t like that.

They ended their set with their most famous tune “I Believe in a Thing Called Love,” which I can’t believe is now a decade old. After, they returned for a 3-song encore before sending the crowd off to the heavy metal parking lot.

Later this year, they join Lady Gaga on her tour. Yes, you read that right. What?!