I&I DubTruck, Hottie DJ Co-SubHeadline Block Party

Rare is the occasion when you can find not one but two of my favorite local djs at the same venue and contribute to a worthy cause at the same time. And yet this Saturday at the First Street Arts Colony, you can do just that.

reggae truckAurelito and Shakespeare will be bringing the mobile sound system to the masses alongside hottie dj herself. The rest of the billing is a veritable laundry list of underground hip-hoppers, djs and rockers including members of ozomatli, the rebirth, very be careful, ammoncontact, daedelus and dublab. Get your tickets now before the price goes up $5. I will be busy losing my money in Las Vegas with a full mustache* in tow, so if anybody attends I will need to know if this event is any good.

Afterward if your craving for underground art and the hard-partying lifestyle in gritty downtown isn’t fully sated, head over to the swindle magazine #3 release party a few blocks away. I really don’t have any information other than this flyer, but shep fairey is known to throw a decent party.