Goldie Lookin Chain @ Troubadour Review and Pics

Goldie Lookin Chain @ Troubadour Review and Pics

goldielookinchaing2Stealing hooks from Snoop Dogg and Beastie Boys, satirical Welsh rappers Goldie Lookin Chain’s mad performance brought satisfaction for the small crowd that gathered on May 25 at the Troubadour.

No matter how hard this 8-man crew “practices” their dance routines, rapping in unison and in harmony, inharmoniously, their show is not the usual one-dimensional gangsta rap or hip-hop concert. There is no DJ and hardly any crotch-grabbing (though they love to draw attention to their penises and tattooed bullocks). GLC also provide ample accidents and incidences for those with attention deficit and enough obvious gags for the thick to know when to laugh. It’s a circus for the dim mixed with genius moments such as when GLC gave a nod to Vanilla Ice, bawling out “Ice Ice, dildo” during their set.

goldielookinchain3GLC seem to be making a little money on this tour. They’re wearing more expensive track suits and new Ts bearing messages like “Ron Jeremy ’04”, an embarrassing advertisement of California’s pop culture and political disasters.

Not only did the GLC teach the audience how not to dress, they also instructed how to sex up an uncooked ham. Money was well spent for that lesson and to see members of cooler-than-thou LA scene-sters raising the roof on “Shit To Me” and “Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do,” the crowd pleasers of the night.

“I thought the show was great,” said Joyce, an attendee and member of GLC’s fanclub. “The best part was when they were all doing the robot during Half Man Half Machine. Gut bustlingly funny. And there was a collision between two of the GLC dudes. Funny show, great songs. Hilarity ensues!”

goldielookinchain1Further hamming it up, GLC tricked the audience by walking off just seconds before ending with the popular “Your Mother’s Got a Penis” which created waves of sighs and hysterics.

To really appreciate GLC is too see them live after having a reefer or two, but judging by the smiles it’s safe as fuck to assume everyone went home, or to an afterparty, happy.

Photos by Audree. More pics at audballtunes.