LaChapelle Gets Krump With “RIZE”

RIZE“The images in this film have not been sped up in any way.”

The style of photographer and video director David LaChapelle can’t be denied. Greased up celebrities and over-stylized, other-worldly scenes are his trademarks. LaChapelle puts the aesthetic into full-effect in this month’s release of “RIZE,” his feature documentary film debut.

The film captures the energy of a diverse form of dancing born out of the impoverished youth growing up in South Central LA. These kids want something better than the commercial Hip Hop stereotypes and gang-banging. They don’t shoot guns and sell drugs, they krump and clown.

Follow these Big Boyz and Little Mommas as they they take the battle to the floor. The LA release date is slated for June 24. For now, catch a sneak preview.