The White Stripes @ Glass House Review

The White Stripes @ Glass House Review

The White Stripes @ The Glass House
July 28, 2005

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Anybody regret driving to the Glass House in the middle of the day to stand in line for tickets? Or paying scalpers a king’s ransom? How about waiting since the night before for a prime spot upfront? Nope. It was worth it.

By 8:15 the venue was filled to capacity with everyone holding their positions. At 9 Jack and Meg strutted onto the stage and it was all business. Jack did his usual intro, “I’m Jack and this is my big sister Meg.” The crowd roared after recognizing the first notes of “Wild Orchid,” the first song of the set.

The White Stripes played over 20 songs with one break in just under 2 hours. There was no chit chat, just the cranking out of song after song. Jack and Meg also interchanged songs and played their popular cover song “Jolene” in two parts – a flawless transition into “My Doorbell” then back into “Jolene.” Perfect.

The Glass House turned into a sauna somewhere in the middle of the set. Towards the end of the show Jack commented, “we have one more song left and I’m sure you’re all happy about that after standing for hours sweating in this heat.”

The Glass House was hot. But The White Stripes performance was hotter.