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Like a Seoul Phoenix rising from the ashes of Great Western HoagieShack…return he now to the two square miles wherein breathes and bleeds his passion…

the pancake owns you.

Kobawoo House was crowded today, friends. I nearly had to wait for a table. And while it’s true the famed mung bean pancake would have been worth a wait, no fried pancake could be worth the ticket I would surely have received at the one-hour meter on Seventh once I finally emerged from the dark, inviting cavern known as Kobawoo House. Fortunately for both myself and the House, I was seated promptly.

Random thoughts: (1) The menu has a blank page approximating Wonder Woman’s invisi-jet? Ah, wait. I get it. It’s an extra page with new prices for the page behind it. Slow on the uptake. Need food. (2) Can these lunch specials really be this cheap? (3) More things encountered in this life should be pickled, panchan-style. (4) Not generally a soda drinker. Too much sugar. Today though..Cokes are good, very good. (5) Bosam (pork) is my very good friend. Alas he is no more. (6) Lightly-salted cabbage as a garnish? More please! (7) What exactly comprises this soup, beyond tofu and mushrooms? (8) Holy sweet good goddam fancy, what am I going to do with the second pancake!? (9) Twenty minutes to parking ticket.

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Kobawoo House
698 S Vermont Ave #109
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