The Free Cocktail Quadruple Lindy

stop three of our four-gallery tourSaturday turned into an exercise in gallery-hopping and free-booze-scamming. If memory serves, my schedule as follows:

  • Dalek opening @ Mary Karnowsky Gallery [photo] (Saw this guy again. Who the hell is this guy? [photo])
  • Public viewing of ’The word Glow’ on the now defunct Jay’s Jayburger [photo]
  • Unknown show wherein I encouraged a panhandler to join us and proceeded to booze him up [photo]
  • 13 wheeler opening [photo] [photo] [photo]
  • Accidental discovery of an opening @ ghetto gloss apparently featuring work by lisa loeb among others (yes, that lisa loeb) (no info at ghettogloss website) [photo]
  • The Nacho Hour @ Le Bar [photo] [photo]
  • After-hours trampoline session way way way up in the hills of echo. Me nearly jumped over chavez ravine.

Busy Saturday.

Sunday evening found me at the tofufest enjoying tofu soup, tofu tostada, spicy tofu taco, tofu ’n’ edamama, unagi tofu, etofucetera, etofucetera…nothing like eating creamy healthy delight while ozomatli grooved to a gorgeous sunset over smog-laden downtown. Tough to beat. By Sunday eve my camera’s battery had given up, so I point you now to franklin ave and for photos and more tofinfo. I did end up with one of those fly ’fresh naked tofu’ shirts.