Oasis, Hollywood Bowl, 9/12/05

Oasis, Hollywood Bowl, 9/12/05

oasis hollywood bowl 8Before I comment on Oasis’ Monday night show at the Hollywood Bowl, I should mention that while I am discerning music listener, when it comes to Oasis I am distinctly a fan.

In the formative years of my music listening career (read: 1997-2001) I probably listened to Oasis’ seminal second album, “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory” more than any other album (also high up on that list would be Pavement’s “Terror Twilight,” Pulp’s “Different Class,” and Blur’s “Blur”). I was seduced by the rock lifestyle Oasis’ Gallagher brothers promoted, and basically fell in love with Britpop.

oasis hollywood bowl 2Fast forward a few years, and as a 22-year-old college graduate, I obviously lean towards more obtuse and “challenging” music that “makes me think about the universe/socialism.”

But I still put Oasis up on a pedestal, for all that the band signifies, and those sweet haircuts, natch. Ok, now to the concert.

I ate my picnic dinner during Kasabian’s set, and only caught part of Jet’s performance, which was a lovely AC/DC impersonation. Oasis walked on stage to thunderous applause and ripped into the new song “Turn Up The Sun.” I like this song because it sounds like the best of Oasis songs–guitars roar forebodingly and vocals drone nasally and the whole thing feels and sounds like a jumbo jet flying low overhead.

oasis hollywood bowl 3Several songs from the band’s good and new album “Don’t Believe The Truth” (dock 5 points for the abysmal title) were trotted out on Monday, all to happy cheers. This is the band’s best new material in years, but it is still depressing to know that many people in the audience were at the Bowl simply to hear “Wonderwall.”

That’s fine, and the band did a fine job with that song. The Oasis classics are classics, and I won’t tire of hearing them live (this was the fourth time I’ve seen ’em).

For me, the highpoint of the show was the band’s rendition of “Morning Glory,” a deep cut off that second album I had never heard live before. Despite the miscues in recent years, and the realization that even a good new album may not save the band from the nostalgia circuit, when Liam menacingly belted the chorus to that song, I remembered why I listened to that CD so often.

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