Dead Can Dance Contest Winner

Dead Can Dance Contest Winner

Earlier this week we held a contest for a pair of Dead Can Dance tickets (link). The winning essay surpassed all expectations and is reprinted verbatim below:

What is the name of your band? Who plays what instrument? What does the LP cover look like? What’s your album name and what are some of your song titles?

tea with steve maxi-singleI want to form a band called “My Own Very Beautiful Death”.

I want to make up my own language and stage a suicide by beauty to the sounds of reverberated twelve string guitars, played by my childhood friend, Lonsdale Quirke-Addams.

The line-up would be:

ME — Lead tongues
Lonsdale Quirke-Addams — All guitars, mandolins, and bird calls
Ond — doumbek, seed-filled leafs, background tongues
James Gunn — Bass Guitar, electrified sand
Sunny Moonie — reverberated pirouettes on a plastic bulletin board, “sadness”

Our LP Cover is a b+w shot of all of us kissing each other passionately and pointing guns at our heads in front of a gargoyle. The album is called “The Golden Yak Ameliorates…”


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