Get This Man Cardamon. Immediately!


Hello, there. Welcome to Mashti Malone’s, renowned for our sumptuous, perfumed rosewater ice cream! If you’ll simply take a look at the two tablets on the wall there — What’s that? No, those aren’t the Ten Commandments.


Where was I. Right. If you take a look at the two tablets on the wall there, we’ve got some of our special ingredients detailed for you in a format that we hope you’ll find both informative and easy to read.


Sorry to hear that, sir. Perhaps you’d care for a mashti of creamy mango made with extra cardamon?


If you’d at least just try this one, made with cardamon, you might like it you know.


I am now going to put this spoonful of cardamon in your mouth, sir. Like it or not.

*Ffrrtt! Prrtt! Prrrrrrt!!?

No, of course not. You don’t need the rosewater to regulate your menstrual flow.


What’s that you say? You came in for a scoop of ice cream and weren’t prepared to eat it without reading words like menstrual flow, mucus membrane and flatulation?

Sir, this is an ice cream parlour. What’d you expect?



All kidding aside I do love their ice cream just like Raymond, Mel Gibson and everybody else.

Mashti Malone’s
1525 N. La Brea Ave.