Photo Op: Windows of the Wasteland

Photo Op: Windows of the Wasteland

wasteland birds

Whoever’s doing the windows over at Wasteland on Melrose has truly gone above and beyond to inspire sheer Halloween creepiness as of late, and I have no choice but to applaud the enigmatic work 100%. The typically out-of-this-world- and-bonkers-on-airplane-glue windows were loaded with an additional dosage of creepiness when this flock of unblinking baby-headed birds flew in, perched and decided to stay for the season. Be sure to check the rest of the photos below if this breed of strange does it for you.

I’d love to be able to tell you who the artist is and if she’s for hire, but they’re apparently keeping that information tightly under wraps. After the manager was too busy to return my call, somebody on the sales floor eventually coughed up the fact that the same girl does the windows for all three of their stores: Melrose, Santa Monica and San Francisco, and if I wanted to get in touch he could pass my information on to the dead letter office down the street. She’s ours! You want an artist you go ask Jeeves!

Part of the display reminds me of some of Carlee Fernandez’ work, which can be truly mind-bending (and, to some, revolting).

7428 Melrose

Bonus photos
Creepy lady
Man a’fowl
The roost
A friendlier owl
Headless feast
Tiny wee
Teeny-tiniest of nightmary devils
Just plain strange