Bill DeMarco Rates the Top 50 Starbucks in LA: This Week: #15

Bill DeMarco Rates the Top 50 Starbucks in LA: This Week: #15

bill demarco#15: The Starbucks at Hollywood & McCadden

I hate Halloween. It’s totally commercial now. It’s like the middle of April and you’re already seeing ads for Halloween. I’m sick of it.

I’m joking!!! I love Halloween!!! But I’m having trouble putting the finishing touches on my costume. Take a serious guess what I’m going to be for Halloween. Seriously. You’ll never guess. Don’t guess. Okay guess. . .I’m going to be a pimp!!! Whassup y’all, I am a pimp. Better pay me my money bitch or I am going to kick you in the pussy! Man, pimps are all that. Now. . .where to find some shitty looking sunglasses and shitty terrycloth bellbottoms and anything else that’s shitty and will break after eight minutes or leave purple stains on my skin and underpants. . . .

pimp 2pimp 3While I’m thinking of an answer to that question I have a cup of coffee at the 15th best Starbucks in Los Angeles at Hollywood and McCadden. A few of you (let’s be honest more than a few) will object to the proximity of this store to the one at Hollywood and Highland. The last time I checked this is America. And this store while blocks away has a uniqueness unusual in these parts. A certain je ne say quoi. I will be brief: Good banana bread.

Hollywood never ceases to amaze me when it comes to Halloween. It should be called the land of Halloween. Or Hollowoond. It makes me grow nostalgic. I think of junior high school. I had only two things on my mind back then.pimp 4 Basketball and Halloween. I once drew a picture of the grim reaper dunking a guy’s head through a basketball hoop made of bones. He was sneering as if to say “HA HA HA I’m dunking you and on you” His scythe was drawn with good glare. I was pleased.

OK. I’ve got 10 hours to put together a pimp costume on Hollywood Boulevard. Pray for me. And Happy Halloween.