Los Angeles Podcast II: Free The Danger Dogs

Los Angeles Podcast II: Free The Danger Dogs

Four score and seven beers agoDrawing from the overlap in a Venn diagram of my tunes and this week’s show calendar, here’s a pretty haphazard shortish mix I put together on the fly. Be warned–it has barely any Flo, much like the later seasons of Alice. American Analog Set and John Vanderslice have nice tunes in here from what I remember. I cheated a little and pulled some Harold Budd with Eno. I could have thrown on a Grant Lee Phillips song or two, I totally forgot about The Magic Numbers altogether and passed on Jon Brion for now. There’s always next week.

Here it is.

Watch the volume on some of these tracks, especially at the beginning. Some NSFW language in there too.

This mix is dedicated to all the unlicensed hot dog vendors of our city streets. ’Spect.

The Roots – “Intro/There’s Something Going” on from Do You Want More?!!!??!
The Roots – “The Seed (2.0)” from Phrenology
400 Blows – “The Root of Our Nature” from Black Rainbow
Nels Cline Trio – “Self-Referenced/West Germany” (Minutemen cover) from Tribute To D Boon and the Minutemen – Our Band Could Be Your Life
Brian Eno & Harold Budd – “Falling Light” from Ambient 4 – Plateux of Mirror
The American Analog Set – “The Green Green Grass” from Set Free
Metric – “Empty” from Live It Out
John Vanderslice – “Peacocks in the Video Rain” from Pixel Revolt
The Autumns – “The End” from The Autumns

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