Coachella Ticket On-Sale Dates Announced

We love festivals!Here you go. Pre-sale from Jan. 25-27. Then the regular on-sale 2/4.

It’s $85 a day, pre-TM charges. Insert your own witty joke RE the evils of Ticketmaster here. You can save $10 by committing to a 2-day pass for a buck-sixty.

And get this: Both VISA and MasterCard are accepted. You don’t even have to have money to go to this thing, so quit whining about the price already, asshole.

NB: Better be quick and get your tickets before the 60,000 general admission tickets sell out in those 2 pre-sale days.

Early line-up confirmees include Depeche Mode, Franz Ferdinand, Wolf Parade, Underworld, Imogen Heap, Giant Drag.

P.S.: Depeche had better stick to the old shizz. I’d be down if they just did all of Black Celebration in order. Can we pause to think about how tight that LP is 20 (!) years later? Everyone’s all like Violator and Music for the Masses, but it’s always been about Black Celebration.

What have you heard about the line-up? And what are your feelings on the subject of Coachella in general? Your opinion matters!