Coachella 2006 Line-up Wild Speculation Update

MBV Moz Lady Sov

  • Productshop NYC is floating the “reliable tip” that My Bloody Valentine will take one of the nostalgic reunion slots of this year’s fest. As amazing as a reunion would be, it is pretty damn hard to visualize MBV spewing feedback on the main stage in the late afternoon sun to 25,000 kids who are mostly unfamiliar with them beyond their hallowed reputation and one song that got occasional alt-rock play. Maybe a 2nd stage or tent headlining slot is more their speed if this pans out. Thoughts?
  • Even though his name turns up on a bunch of rumor lists, Morrissey is definitely out. His U.K. tour puts him in English towns with the adorable names of “Whitehaven” and “Gateshead” that weekend.
  • Lady Sovereign confirms her appearance on her own website. Ch-Ching indeed.