The Douridas Factor

douritosAs you’ve doubtless heard by now, KCRW tastemaker Chris Douridas was recently arrested for sleaze crimes involving roofies and a 14-year-old-girl. After posting $1mil bail he’s back to spinning sets at Santa Monica College.

Guilty or not, it’s a safe bet the man is being pummeled with defense lawyer junk mail right now. “Chris, my office can help you. You may FEEL guilty inside. You may FEEL that you are guilty. This is completely different from actually BEING guilty as defined by law. Know the difference. You are not guilty.”

With charges yet to be filed, questions hang heavy in the air every Saturday from noon to 2pm: Why would a person with a silky voice ever need to resort to roofies? Who is the mysterious “man in his 30s potential accomplice”? Who actually viewed the roofie planting? What in the holy living shit was a 14-year-old doing in the Circle Bar? Does Holy Guacamole have anything to do with this story whatsoever? Was the DreamWorks A&R-yet-also-DJ quasi-controversy a foreshadowing to potential sketchiness? Perhaps most importantly, has Douridas ever been the musical director for a Polanski film?

As the drama plays itself out, expect a faction of locals sporting “Free Chris” shirts from Yque going toe-to-toe with a faction of locals voicing “All he ever played was wilco and U2, this was bound to happen.” As for myself, no comment until I’ve completed jury duty and sold the book rights. I’m just glad it wasn’t Schnabel or Garth.