Josh Rouse, Troubadour, Losanjealous, 1-24-06

Rouse-ta-boutTuesday, 9pm. Last minute. Friends have an extra ticket, Josh Rouse, Troubadour. He’s on our hotly-contested weekly concert mailer for those not paying attention. What the hell, I’ve got a free evening. I’m in.

Rouse recently played a sold-out show at the El Rey with a full band. Although tonight’s show was a solo set, the Troub was packed [photo]. Easily 50 to 100 more people squeezed into the joint than the ’Sold out via KROQ contest’ Strokes show I had the ridiculous luck of attending two weeks prior. Lucky for me, said friends finagled VIP loft access this eve. Upstairs to the easy access bar we go cat go.

Rouse-ta-boutWhat to say. I don’t usually review concerts. The man can sing. The man can play. The man can sing and play and pull your heart strings. If you’re going through a phase. A phase like heartbreak. Or not…The man can touch you. With my current mood, he struck just the right chord. I wasn’t alone. In a bizarre set of synchronized actions, the show started just as I was firing up the camera. A photo of one of my friends appeared on the viewfinder. Some random girl walked by while this was happening. She looked down and noticed my friend (also a girl) on the viewfinder. Instinctively she said “She’s not going to help. She won’t help. Not tonight.” It made no difference that the girl in the camera had no relevance to me. I caught the meaning just the same.

Disclaimer: I’m no Audree. Most of my concert photos look like they were taken while riding a bicycle at 27mph. I got to meet Josh Rouse after the show, though, and that photo turned out a-ok . Arguably High School Senior Photo ok. [photo]

For those who were wondering, he currently lives in Valencia. Spain, not California.