Ask Losanjealous: What Does Tricia Toyota Look Like?

Ask Losanjealous: What Does Tricia Toyota Look Like?

Dear Losanjealous:
As references to the Dickies song out number those to the real person by like a-million-to-one, where CAN a picture! at least, of Tricia Toyota be found?


Dear Glen:

On their song (Stuck in a Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota, L.A. punk veterans, the Dickies, sang

A little Asian Goddess came from up above
I thank you NBC for sending my love
And Tricia is the one I’ve been dreaming of

Whether intentional or not, the Dickies misspelled the local TV news icon’s name. It’s actually Tritia with two t’s.

Tritia Toyota

But the Tritia Toyota era ended before the advent of the internets. So even with the correct spelling, googling doesn’t turn up many hits. To satisfy your curiosity here are a couple more pics floating around…

Tritia Toyota 3 Tritia Toyota 2


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