Win Tickets to John Vanderslice w/ Laura Viers

John VandersliceContest time. Win tickets to John Vanderslice w/ Laura Viers at the Echo, this Thursday, 5/11. Should be a great double bill. You probably know JV’s stuff. To the unintiated, suffice to say he is of a certain set of sensitive but wry youngish male singer-songwriters that probably includes Colin Meloy, John Darnielle, maybe Ben Gibbard (with all of whom, not coincidentally he has worked or toured). The best way to get an idea of JV to just listen to a few of his tunes, which we can link here. He’s a generous guy and gives away a lot of his music on his website. Or check out a few choice cuts from 2005’s Pixel Revolt here and here.

You can check out a track from opener Laura Viers here, who is in her own right a compelling up-and-comer tunesmith.

E-mail to be entered to win a pair tickets to see John Vanderslice with Laura Viers at the Echo this Thursday, May 11.

Check out a few of JV’s LPs:

The Life and Death of an American FourtrackerCellar DoorPixel Revolt