Losanjealous Mega-Mix

Losanjealous Mega-Mix

DOWNLOAD This mix is now off-line. Watch for next one shortly.

    1. Voxtrot – “Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives” (@ 0:00)
    2. the Little Ones* – “Lovers Who Uncover” (@ 3:51)
    3. Tapes n Tapes – “Cowbell” (@ 8:02)
    4. Be Your Own Pet – “Fire Department” (@ 10:28)
    5. The Bronx* – “Shitty Future” (@ 13:37)
    6. Cold War Kids* – “Hospital Beds” (@ 15:46)
    7. Destroyer – “European Oils” (@20:24)
    8. Irving* – “Jen Nothing Matters To Me” (@25:12)
    9. The Submarines* – “Peace & Hate” (@ 28:45)
    10. Lansing-Dreiden – “A Line You Can Cross” (@ 31:57)
    11. Languis* – “In The Fields of (Lonely Fences)” (@ 35:24)

    *=Los Angeles-based

Temporary PictureAlright, check this out. Over at losanjealous HQ, our IT guy has been bitching at us about cleaning our media crap off the server. We have this hilarious bit we do: He comes in, tells us how everything’s a mess, it’s all going to crash, we need the space for back-up, yada yada. And we throw paper balls at him. Repeat everyday. It’s a goddamned laugh riot around here, I’m telling you.

But last night, finally, I relented. I put on a pot of espresso and rounded up all the stray MP3s accumulated in our thousands of hours of intensive web research. It turned out to be something like 627 GB of MP3s (half of which is just live early Steely Dan).

Then I thought, What the hell am I going to do with all these MP3s? Then inspiration struck. Then I fell asleep. Then I woke up. Then I fell asleep again. Then I woke up once more and then I did what had to be done.

And so, in our never ending effort to provide value-added content to you the valued customer, we give unto you this mega-mix compiled from 100% freely distributed indie tunes. This is an assortment of the expected hot young bands, half of them local, and half out-of-towners with upcoming LA shows. Said IT guy won’t let us stream it (something about bandwidth), so right-click-save-as it to your computer. When the link dies, let us know and we’ll re-up it for a while.

UPDATE: Some NSFW language on this thing. Not safe for your work, that is. We’re fine with it here.