Win LACMA Film Screening Tickets

Win LACMA Film Screening Tickets


Not to be left out of the movie list-making mania lead by AFI, last year the Writers’ Guild put together one of their own–the 101 Greatest Screenplays.

As with every latest Best Of Greatest Of list, the WGA’s list raises quibbles over inclusions and exclusions. Only 2 foreign-language films out of 101? (Grand Illusion and 8 1/2, nos. 85 & 87, respectively) Groundhogs Day? Adaptation? (perhaps especially meriting a reevaluation in light of last Sunday’s LAT Mag gush piece on Charlie Kaufmann.) Maybe it’s time to see some of these again…

And so, LACMA brings a new film series “Written For The Screen” sponsored by the WGA and comprised of titles plucked from their list. It runs over next three weekends, 5/19 through 6/3. Full program and ticket information here.

The series kicks off tonight with a standout pairing, Casablanca (predictably, #1 on their list) with Manhattan (#54, if you’re scoring at home).

losanjealous has pairs of tickets to giveaway to readers for each night of the next 2 weekends’ programs. E-mail us by the 12:00 pm on the Thursday prior to be entered to win a pair of tickets to one of that weekend’s screenings.

Friday, May 26 Rear Window / High Noon
Saturday, May 27 The Godfather

Friday, June 2Sunset Boulevard* / Adaptation
Saturday, June 3 Lawrence of Arabia

*losanjealous Best Los Angeles Films pick (our full list TK)