Millerman23: I saw the EELS on Thurs. They were weird, have you ever seen them? The drummer was dressed like a Confederate soldier.
    xxLittlesis8200xx: I saw them years ago — I don’t remember.
    Millerman23: Were they good?
    xxLittlesis8200xx: I don’t remember, they were opening for Fiona Apple. I think I enjoyed them … I didn’t know who they were then.1
    Millerman23: Well they are weird. I didn’t really like it. I thought they would be kinda soft bc I heard that’s what their last album sounds like [from Victor], but they were loud and fast. And the main guy was dressed up as an aviator or something.
    xxLittlesis8200xx: Interesting.
    Millerman23: And they had this guy on stage who was dressed like a bouncer with a shaved head who just stood there with his arms crossed and sometimes danced.
    xxLittlesis8200xx: That is weird.2
    Millerman23: How’s school?3
    xxLittlesis8200xx: Only Sufjan Stevens can get away with random shit at a concert. School is okay … I am slacking.
    Millerman23: Ya even if mom was there and threw up in her hands like she did at Sufjan in Aspen this still would have sucked.4
    xxLittlesis8200xx: Haha. So ur not gonna be at dinner Fri. night?5
    Millerman23: No. I am going to a Dodgers game, Jessica’s work gave her ridiculous seats. Front room, behind home plate.
    xxLittlesis8200xx: Oh.
    Millerman23: When you saw them, did the EELS play that song, “Novocaine For My Soul?”6 I wanted them to play it cuz it’s their only hit … cuz sometimes you just want to hear the 10 yr. old hit song even if you know the band hates it. Ya know?
    xxLittlesis8200xx: Yea like Weezer still plays all the songs from the blue album.
    Millerman23: Yes.
    xxLittlesis8200xx: I really don’t remember the EELS, just Fiona … except it was a small venue, and someone yelled “I love u” to the EELS guy7and he responded with “thanks” or something which was funny/unexpected.
    Millerman23: Like in a calm way?8 At the show I saw, Mr. E seemed very sedate like he was on drugs.
    xxLittlesis8200xx: Haha he prob. was.
    Millerman23: Apparently some band of 2 twelve yr. olds opened for the EELS but I got there late.9
    xxLittlesis8200xx: Wow, very interesting.
    Millerman23: Yes, so interesting.10 Alright I’m outta here.
    xxLittlesis8200xx: I like the stuff I have downloaded, but I guess the EELS are weird live.
    Millerman23: I can send you a link to download some of it.11 It’s better on the album than live, at least the way they played it.
    xxLittlesis8200xx: Yea send it.
    Millerman23: Ok. I gotta review it for the website I write for. I don’t know what I am going to say.
    xxLittlesis8200xx: Don’t be too harsh, but say ur opinion.
    Millerman23: Thanks for the tip. I will do my best. Any other advice?
    xxLittlesis8200xx: Uhhh no.
    Millerman23: Alright.
    xxLittlesis8200xx: I have to go to my last Kappa meeting of the quarter. I’ll ttyl.
    Millerman23: K bye.

1If I recall correctly, Felicia’s friend Meredith got free tickets to that show because her dad was Apple’s doctor.
2It was really weird, though also strangely comforting.
3Felicia is a third-year at UC Davis, studying English.
4My sister and I saw a Sufjan Stevens show in Aspen last summer with our family. My mother drank too much and threw up, but concealed the barf by neatly vomiting into her cupped hands.
5Felicia will be in town this weekend, and I was meant to have dinner at home with my family, but bailed. People are unhappy about this.
6It is actually called “Novocaine For The Soul.”
7Felicia is referring to the band’s leader Mark Oliver Everett, who goes by “E” or “Mr. E.”
8 Syntax unclear — what I meant to ask was whether the “EELS guy” responded with “thanks” in a calm manner.
9That band is called Smoosh, the sisters in the group are more like 16 and 14, and you can hear about Smoosh here.
10At this point, I sensed my sister’s boredom with the conversation.
11Legally, natch.