Ten Songs, Five Dozen Dancers, 18,000 Glowstick Hurlers

Flaming Lips Hollywood Bowl

Flaming Lips Hollywood Bowl

The Flaming Lips are my favorite band. To be sure, my very first Losanjealous entry dealt with last summer’s Fearless Freaks DVD release and the Beesley/Coyne Cinespace Q&A session:

“What is this thing…A blog? A website? What the hell happens? What do you do, write shit, link something relevant and make the clever? Fuck it I’m in. What’s to lose?”

I watched the movie again yesterday in order to work myself into a proper frenzy before the show. It’s just brilliant. Almost as brilliant as being one of the 18,000 people throwing glowsticks at the stage last night.


The Flaming Lips @ Hollywood Bowl, 7/23/06
Lips photo by Nikki aka Girl in Long Beach
Craptastic Anatomically Correct RAZR™® capture by yours truly