Los Angeles Dissected: The Carpool Lane

Los Angeles Dissected: The Carpool Lane

Los Angeles DissectedGood afternoon and welcome to Los Angeles Dissected Via Pictures and Words. Today, Old British Man and I shall attempt to address the social relevance of the Car Pool Lane and the topic of Diamond Lane etiquette.

SN: Old British Man, Good Afternoon.

OBM: On the 405 heading south there is a little run of fencing that has been described by many as “Tired, damaged and probably non-functional…”

SN: Is it slighlty bent towards the end and covered with Red and Blue streaks of paint, where a car or two has grazed it ever so slightly?

OBM: Yes, the metal is torn to shreds and it is rather unstable and very ugly to look at..

SN: I am familair with that landmark…

OBM: Thats you that is. Thats what you look like when you dress in your Sunday Best.

SN: You see the Toyota Prius?

Los Angeles DissectedOBM: The much-lauded yet highly overrated vehicle from Japan?

SN: Yes, it is small and runs for little periods before needing to rest and recharge.

OBM: I am aware of such a car.

SN: Thats your willy that is. “I’d love to continue shagging but I need to rest and recharge” – thats what you say to your girlfriend.

OBM: If we could get back to the topic at hand…

SN: Yes of course, The Car Pool lane has been used nationwide since the very beginning of automotive travel in the United States, the only requirement being that the vehicle must carry at least two occupants and in some cases 3…

OBM: You’re lonely and so never travel in increments greater than “One Person”.

SN: You see that bagel bag at your office…on a Monday morning?

OBM: Is it usually empty with a half bagel left inside of it?

SN: Yes and that Bagel is rather damaged and has some cream residue from the plastic knife used to cut it in half…

OBM: I am all too familiar with that sight…

SN: Thats your car that is. Thats your Ferrari.

OBM: You don’t have a car, you walk to work.. and you use the Car Pool lane because it makes you feel socially endowed.

SN: Well I cannot thank my guest enough for what has most certainly been a most exhilirating debate on the merits of the Car Pool system in America, Old British Man thank you VERY much.

OBM: Thank you.