Tofu Festival: Win Free Tickets, Enjoy Soy

Friday Morning Tofupdate: The contest for free tickets closed last night, ladies and gents. Winner will be notified. Thanks for entering our soy-based drawing.

TofuFriends, it is time once again for the Los Angeles Tofu Festival. You have to love Los Angeles. I mean, there is just no way you are going to have the option of attending a tofu festival in Oklahoma City. I’ve been going to the Los Angeles Tofu Festival for forty-five years now. Forty-five years! Not an easy feat, particularly when you consider the fact that the festival began in 1996. Last year’s soy-laden sunset performance by Ozomatli remains a highlight of my summer: There I am now with kdrive and wife of kdrive…asahi, ’king of (asian) beers’ in hand…watery soy dish…plastic fork…purple hue of sunset glints against Omni Cal Plaza…Ozomatli stomps, shouts, blows whistles onstage…

Begpardon, that was a moment. I’m back. I’m here with you, now, in the present.

In anticipation of all of the questions the 2006 Los Angeles Tofu Festival no doubt raises in your mind Losanjealous has prepared the following “Frequently Asked Questions” one-pager in advance. Enjoy.

Is Losanjealous giving away tickets to the 2006 Tofu Festival?

Natch. Not only are we giving away a pair of tickets, but we are giving away an autographed copy of the book New Asian Cuisine. Not a bad haul, to say the least! To enter the drawing, send an e-mail to, specifying your full name and which day (saturday? sunday?) you wish to attend. Deadline is midnight tonight!

Will the Losanjealous SuperFoodFriends be attending the 2006 Tofu Festival?

Assuredly the SuperFoodFriends will be forming their trademark solid mass of power this weekend. All of the ones we haven’t managed to piss off beyond all possible redemption, that is.

Why should I go to the 2006 Los Angeles Tofu Festival?

In time you will forgive my language when I mention the festival looks tofucking fantastic this year. You can eat soy to win a $4000 trip to Asia courtesy Lee Kum Kee flavor purveyor! You can enjoy free Wi-Fi, you can watch celebrity chefs, you can enjoy tofu tostadas and you can watch Blackalicious. Probably you cannot do four out of five of those things at the coffee shop near your apartment this Saturday afternoon.

Will the Gift of Gab be in the tofu eating contest?

It is unknown at press time whether or not Gift of Gab from Blackalicious will be allowed to enter the tofu eating contest Sunday afternoon.


Is the signature soy block logo for the 2006 Tofu Festival wearing Vuarnet sunglasses?

Most likely the signature soy block logo for the 2006 Tofu Festival is in fact wearing Vuarnet Sunglasses. This should in no way dissuade you from attending the 2006 Tofu Festival.

What are the hours of the 2006 Tofu Festival?

The hours of the 2006 Tofu Festival are Saturday, August 12, 2006 2 PM – 10:00 PM
Sunday, August 13, 2006 12 Noon- 6:00 PM

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