Mr. T Visitor Guide: Neverland Ranch Intervention



The Basics: Some fool that’s crazier than Murdock high-tailed it to Bahrain and left all his animals behind. How you gonna feed your elephants, alligators and giraffes from Bahrain, fool? Mr. T jumped in the van and left the fools of Los Angeles unpitied and jibber-jabber unchallenged for the day as he initiated “Operation Neverland Ranch Intervention”.

Neighborhood: BFE

Address: 5225 Figueroa Mountain Rd , Los Olivos, CA 93441

Why You Should Visit: Mr. T can’t feed these animals every day. Spendin’ too much time in the van with Hannibal and Face makes a T mad! Take your own load of supplies to Neverland Ranch and throw ’em over the fence!

Additional Notes:
Giraffes eat acacia leaves, elephants eat bamboo, carrots and bananas and alligators eat meat so be careful, fool!