Tonight In Rock: The Killers @ Troub vs. BRMC @ Echo

Multiple Choice Quiz

There are 2 popular bands playing underpublicized shows in undersized venues on the same night in different parts of L.A.

Do you choose:

A) “Los Dientes Del Perro” (a.k.a. The Killers) @ Troubadour.
(On sale @ 1 pm today via fax order only.)

B) “BRMC” (a.k.a. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) @ Echo

Or do you go with:

C) Wolf Parade @ Wiltern, for whom there are tickets still available and who are better than both those bands combined.

Time’s up. Number 2 pencils down. Pass your Scantron to the cute girl with the bracelets and long hair on your left.