Nitzer Ebb: Moscow to Hollywood to... Anaheim

Nitzer Ebb: Moscow to Hollywood to… Anaheim

Nitzer Ebb in Moscow

Reformed English industrial act Nitzer Ebb are playing Avalon Hollywood this Tuesday, September 12. That’s the show for which we have tickets to give to readers. For some reason, I found it amusingly absurd to see that they also have a stop in Anaheim on this So Cal swing. Not to disparage the fine folks of Anaheim, of course. What it must do to one’s head to go from playing in a sweaty club full of rabid Muscovites (above) to the House of Blues at Downtown Disney in the span of a couple of months, I can’t imagine.

Russian kidsNitzer Ebb live in Moscow shot lifted from urban.monkey’s flickr.

P.S.–I highly recommend browsing this Russian guy’s flickr if you’re some killing time on the clock. It is full of great shots of cool Russian industrial punk kids, such as the one on the left.

Seriously, how ridiculously sexy is that pic? I count at least six distinct tones between grey and black, from hair to boots on this couple.