D Guarantee: John Tejada@Compression

Tejada’s Filthy BusinessCompression at King King this week features John Tejada who must be ready to drop-the-needle on the L.A. techno scene. A forthcoming album titled “Cleaning Sounds Is A Filthy Business” and an upcoming 10 year anniversary for his own Palette Recordings label should lay the groundwork for a great Friday night.

I get the sense that John Tejada should actually be the guy wearing the ‘I’m Big in Europe’ T-shirt around L.A. It’s ridiculous – the krauts especially (myself included) adore this guy. His tracks appear in most of my (woopy!) yearly top tens, he’s worked with DIVINE STYLER (this blows my mind as he is surely one of my most fabled artists) and hell I’m picking this show at King King over going to see Tiga, whom I used to see weekly in Montreal waaaay back in the day… I’m very intrigued to hear Tejada on his home turf during this landmark period. With initial reviews of “Cleaning Sounds…” pointing to his “most mature and complete work to date”, my curiosity for this techno composers live incarnation is…how can you say… ready for the ‘Filthy F#@$’n Business’!!! I’ll drop-a-review of the album shortly.