D Guarantee: SexyModr @ 310.217.7549.aka.bespoke.downtown.LA.destination.

D Guarantee: SexyModr @ 310.217.7549.aka.bespoke.downtown.LA.destination.

SexyModrThe new SexyModr space sounds like it’s going to hit all the right buttons for me – a 2200 sf brick building, 20ft ceilings, concrete floors and my magic word…5am close!!! I think I need to light a cigarette… SexyModr music will be an evolving barrage of ‘Italia disco, cheeky disco, techno, retro techy electro deep minimal robo funky bangbang discopunk house’. Hallelujah!!!

The Solid Funk/Gravy/SexyModr crew’s previous Get Physical event with Booka Shade and M.A.N.D.Y. was a great time including a hilarious D.J. strip tease, noise violations, a visit from L.A.’s finest…AND SWEEEEET BERLIN-esque BEATS!!! Let’s all break in their new location this Saturday with some positive energy and keep it thumping till the break of dawn.

This Saturday’s DJ’s are: Der Kontraktor, Gomes, Fusion, & MotorBickle


If you thought this was a glowing endorsement for a party wait till the next SexyModr event…